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Become part of a collective effort to ensure healthy oceans for future generations.

We run the only certification and labelling program for wild-capture fisheries that meets best practice guidelines set by both the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization andISEAL, the global membership association for sustainability standards.

By being part of this program fisheries, retailers and food processors from around the globe are helping to safeguard seafood supplies. We partner with sustainable fisheries across the globe, from large-scale industrial to small artisanal operations, to drive the market for sustainable seafood.

In this section you can find everything to help you on your way to joining this collective effort.

What is fisheries certification?

MSC certification is a way of showing that a fishery meets international best practice for sustainable fishing. Fish and seafood from certified fisheries can carry the blue MSC label, assuring customers that what they’re buying is sustainable.

Tobecome certified, fisheries are assessed by independent certification bodies.


What is a fishery?

The definition of a fishery within the MSC program varies. Anything we refer to as a fishery is defined by agreement between the fishery client(s) and the certification body that assesses it. The definition could be set by scientific information, such as fish stock data, and/or commercial factors, such as gear and vessel. 

Examples of possible fishery types

Fishery 1

Two or more independent groups targeting the same fish stock are assessed as one fishery.  

Illustration showing two independent groups targeting the same fish stock

Fishery 2

Only part of a fishery is assessed. This part could be a vessel or a gear type within a larger fishery. This part becomes the fishery under the MSC definition.    

 Illustration showing one vessel and gear type assessed as a fishery

Fishery 3

Several fisheries, using a number of gear types, targeting multiple species are managed by the same client who prefers them to be assessed as one.   

Illustration showing vessels catching different fish species with different fishing gear

Track a Fishery

Our searchable database of all the fisheries involved in the MSC program. All certificates and assessment documents can be downloaded from Track a fishery.


Ready for the next step?

Why get your fishery MSC certified spotlight 2

Why get your fishery MSC certified?

MSC certification confirms your fishery is well-managed and is sustaining resources and livelihoods for future generations. Learn about the benefits.

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Fishery certification guide spotlight OPTION 2

Fishery certification guide

What you need to know to get certified. We are here to help you before, during, and after the process.

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Dev world spotlight 2

Developing World and small-scale fisheries

We provide additional tools and guidance for small small-scale and data-deficient fisheries to help them demonstrate that they meet the MSC Fisheries Standard and get certified.

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